Editing CSS for themes

Hey, I’m new to development in Omeka and still figuring out how this all works. I’m trying to test out making some cosmetic changes to the Cozy theme. Per the answers to this forum topic (Custom Theme Dev w/o Gulp?) I was under the impression that I would be able to edit the CSS file directly in my text editor, then upload the file back to the folder (in this case, file path: /var/www/html/themes/cozy/asset/css). I tried a few different changes that would be obvious to see if they worked, like changing the background color and altering the header font size, but saw no changes reflected in my site.

Is anyone able to shed any light on what I’m doing wrong here? Do I need to be making changes to the Sass files using Gulp instead?

You do not need to edit the sass files to do the type of change you’re talking about. Omeka S only uses the actual CSS files, in the css subdirectory. If you’re making just a local change, you can ignore the sass completely if you prefer.

If you’re making and uploading changes to your active theme and they’re not appearing, it could just be that your browser has cached the older version and you need to clear the cache or temporarily disable caching.

Thanks. I tried it and the changes appeared.

It is very hard to editor this css big file with a simple text editor because there is no line break or indentation.

Do you have any advise (some css editor?) on how to customize this css file?

The css is compiled from all files inside asset/_sass, a simpler and powerful css language. If you don’t know it or don’t know to compile it, you can indentify style.css automatically in many online services, like https://codebeautifier.com, or inside your editor (replace } by }\n (\n is end of line in many editors).

Thank you Daniel_KM, \n does not break line in my editor (emacs on linux) but I used your link to “convert” the css in something readable.

Hello - I’m having trouble identifying which items in the style.css file change the font size for the nav bar and main content. I’ve tried changing every font-size parameter but no luck. Is there someone able to point me in the right direction? Thank you.