E-Mail notification for new contributions

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We’re about to setup a new site which will build a lot on user contributions. To make the review process as streamlined as possible, we would like to send out a mail notification once a new item is submitted.
How do we do that with the Collecting module in Omeka-S?

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  • Lars

If it can help, for Omeka Classic I’ve developed this plugin: https://omeka.org/classic/plugins/EmailNotification/

Thanks a lot for the hint DanieleB! Currently we’ve setup everything in Omeka S so we’d prefer not to switch horses in between. But if worse comes to worse we’ll have a look.

Alternatively we might just hard-code an event trigger to send a notification or develop a new plugin for Omeka S – but maybe there’s another option that works out of the box. So if anybody has an idea for Omeka S: keep em coming!

For Collecting, i had the same issue and I added a way to notify admin by email, so you can try my version that is currently pending upstream (https://github.com/omeka-s-modules/Collecting/pull/54), that contains some more improvements: https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-Collecting.

Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply – the project is picking up steam and we made do with what we have. But we’ll check out your version very soon, looks like something that could help us a lot !

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