Does Omeka S act as a large scale digital library repository?

Hi all! I am interested in trialling and possibly obtaining Omeka S to digitally exhibit some of TAFE NSW’s archive. My question is, is Omeka S for digital displays only, or does it also act as a large scale digital library repository? I have played in the sandbox for v4.0.1 and have visited organisational websites that have created digital display using Omeka S.

Hi, maybe you can specify what you mean by “digital library repository” and “archive”. What types of files in particular were you looking to host and share? Any particular features you’re looking for?

For example, the PSL digital library has over 58,000 Omeka S items, many with multiple images attached to each item:

Including full book scans:
Ce registre contient les essais numérotés de 1 à 2154. Il donne des informations sur l

And individual fonds:

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Thanks so much for the prompt response, very helpful link.