Displaying item comments in neatline?

Thanks for a fantastic CMS. I am currently familiarizing myself with Neatline and the different plug ins available. But I was wondering if it’s possible to show comments on items in neatline?
E.g. here is a comment: http://interpassiv.dk/o/items/show/3
but when the same item is plotted into neatline, the comment is not included: http://interpassiv.dk/o/neatline/fullscreen/wayfaring#records/12


Hi Bjarke,

I don’t know whether this is still a live question, but you can add comments by adding some php code to your theme.

You want to add this code:
<?php CommentingPlugin::showComments(); ?>
to the view for the neatline presenter that you’re using.

to the neatline section of your theme:
themes/<yourtheme>/neatline/exhibits/themes/<specific-neatline-name>/item.php and I’ve found that this overrides the default (I can’t recall whether I have hacked around with something elsewhere to get this working though I’m afraid).

Hope that helps. Steve