Displaying geo:asWKT property on a map when viewing item

I’m adding (historic) streets to Omeka-S and my street resource template has a geo:asWKT property, with values like:

MULTILINESTRING ((4.70980061215922 52.0077366940717,4.7104749970311 52.0074627314226,4.71068084868184 52.0074769711628,4.71124223268249 52.0072684433209))

How do I get Omeka-S 3.X to display a property like geo:asWKT as a map with point/line/area when viewing the public item?

Do I need to make a module or is there a module which already has this or similar functionality?
Is there a blueprint for writing such an extension?

For the drawing of the geo:asWKT on a leaflet map I’m looking at Wicket - Lightweight Javascript for WKT [Leaflet Sandbox] but my question is, how do I get this integrated in Omeka-S…