Displaying geo:asWKT property on a map when viewing item

I’m adding (historic) streets to Omeka-S and my street resource template has a geo:asWKT property, with values like:

MULTILINESTRING ((4.70980061215922 52.0077366940717,4.7104749970311 52.0074627314226,4.71068084868184 52.0074769711628,4.71124223268249 52.0072684433209))

How do I get Omeka-S 3.X to display a property like geo:asWKT as a map with point/line/area when viewing the public item?

Do I need to make a module or is there a module which already has this or similar functionality?
Is there a blueprint for writing such an extension?

For the drawing of the geo:asWKT on a leaflet map I’m looking at Wicket - Lightweight Javascript for WKT [Leaflet Sandbox] but my question is, how do I get this integrated in Omeka-S…

There is a module DataTypeGeometry that manages such a value, but generally, you need a recent database, because old databases doesn’t support geo data.

At the moment I’m not concerned with the database part, but more the create/edit and presentation part.

Currently I have changed the DataTypeGeometry module to display a geometry on a map (specifically with a historical base layer, as this concerns a Timemachine project). See for example C193 · Referentiedata · Gouda Tijdmachine which shows a plot or Hoge Gouwe · Referentiedata · Gouda Tijdmachine which shows a street.

The geometry is entered as a WKT string. Creating these is done via another (external) tool. It would be nice is editing could be done more visually within Omeka-S.

For this type of project, there is the module Cartography I did for an old project.

I have installed Annotate, Data Type Geometry and Cartpography. I can start drawing lines and polygons in the Describe and Locate Tab, but it is not possible to finish (by clicking the last point or releasing the mouse), nothing happens. Also adding a WKT vakue in the {} box results in an error message “Terraformer is not defined”.
Last but not least the geo:asWKT value in the item does not result in a Location annotation. What have I missed?

@Daniel_KM Do you have any idea how to solve this?

This is probably a js issue in current version of omeka and modules. I need a public url (or a direct access to the server) to check it more.

I have set up a clean new test site at https://lukaskoster.nl/omekatest, with only the modules needed for the Cartography module. With the latest Generic version I got an error installing module Cartography
(TypeError: Return value of Generic\AbstractModule::checklNewTablesFromFile() must be of the type bool, null returned in /home/u113606p109661/domains/lukaskoster.nl/public_html/omekatest/modules/Generic/AbstractModule.php:288)
With older Generic version 3.3.28 install went OK.
But I still have the issue.

I can give you access to the server, how can I reach you privately?

@Daniel_KM Are you still interested in looking into this problem? I can give you server access?

Yes. And update Generic to 3.3.33.

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