Display Metadata as Accordion


I’d like to change how my metadata displays so that it’s less overwhelming on the public view. Instead of the flat display, I’d like it to be a collapsible/accordion.

I found this link online: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_collapsible.asp and inserted the html code into /public_html/application/views/scripts/common/record-metadata.php.

Then I created a folder called collapsible.js for the javascript code (not sure if I did that right?) and put it into public_html/themes/[theme]/javascripts.

Finally I went into public_html/themes/plrc/common/header.php and added : queue_js_file(‘collapsible’); in php tags.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The labels did turn into buttons, but the element text was unaffected and there was no accordion.

Any help would GREATLY appreciated!


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