Display media metadata?

I’d like to attach multiple jpgs to one item and have their information, the media metadata, displayed. Would it be possible for this to be the information in the universal viewer?

So the item is the object and the media attached are all pictures of it taken at different times; a proper relational database. I have a resource template for the item and a separate one for the media. I need both sets of metadata displayed. I’m thinking I might be able to do a csv upload of the images as media and then one-by-one attach them to their items?

I know this might be tricky but I’m willing to try anything to make it work. Will $ for developer help.


I don’t know much about the Universal Viewer side of things but you can certainly upload metadata as you describe with the CSV Import module; you could either do it in two steps, items first, then media, or all at once with a “mixed resources” import.

Does this solve the display though?
I’m guessing two steps is better so that the item metadata and the media metadata stay connected to each and not presented as one, right?

It doesn’t matter whether you do two steps or one: in a “mixed” import, there’s separate rows for items and media, and each have their own, separate metadata. The important “rule” in either situation is that the item must exist first (you’re not allowed to create media that aren’t attached to any item).

In terms of display, that’s where you’d get in to what things like the Universal Viewer can do (again, I’m not the one to help or say much useful on that front), or it’s also something that could be handled by a custom theme without much issue.

“Out of the box” both sets of metadata would still be visible, it’s just that it’s presented as separate pages: the item page displays the item’s metadata, and can link to the page for each individual media where the media-specific metadata is shown.

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Ahhhh! Ok. I’ll try this!