Display Items Options

Hi, im building a picture archive with Omeka. Im using Thanks, Roy and came across an issue, i would like to display my item files as a grid, and then be able to open it and check its format/type metadata. So far the only way i can do that is with the “vertical aprroach” of items display, Can it be done with the files as a grid? Also the title of the item comes with a number, ex:"File #202: ""can i edit this? I’ve been looking and can find where…
Thanks for any Help in advance.

I think what you’re looking for on the “grid” is to have the links go to the files/show page? If so, that’s possible with a small change to the theme’s items/show.php file, one that I’ve outlined in response to a different question.

It worked perfectly :slight_smile:
Can you help me with the other question i posted? When i open the file, it shows a file count, something like:
File #202: (Title of the file). I need to remove this count, can’t figure it out where.

There you want to be editing the file “files/show.php” in your theme. Most themes don’t actually have a copy of this file themselves, which means they use the default copy from the Omeka core.

To make a change to a file like that, you first copy the default one into your theme, then edit it there. So here you’d want to copy “application/views/scripts/files/show.php” to “themes/default/files/show.php” then edit it to remove the ID from the title.

Managed to solve the issue.
Thank you so much.