Display Item Counts in Subject Browse?

Hi all! I’m using the Subject Browse 2.3 plugin and would like to modify the code to display the number of items matching each subject heading. So it would look something like this: Animals (24 items)

Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Did you try Reference (http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/reference/) ? This is a rewrite of Subject Browse.

This looks like it will be useful, but the subjects are not displaying in alphabetical order and I’m getting this error: "Notice: Use of undefined constant SORT_FLAG_CASE - assumed ‘SORT_FLAG_CASE’ in /srv/www/ruthgates/plugins/Reference/views/helpers/Reference.php on line 124 ". I have not touched the code outside of the configuration page.

You are using an old server (php 5.3). I just upgraded the plugin to check it (v 2.4.2).

Hi Daniel, I installed the new version and the error message no longer appears, but the subjects are still not displaying in alphabetical order.

I re-fixed the plugin, try again.