Display all item metadata except one

I am using tabs in show.php for displaying items metadata (see this other topic about tabs). I have one tab with a lot of metadata I created (not dublin core) describing a individual and a second one with just one field which is a redacted biography.

The problem with this displaying system is that I not longer can use <?php else echo all_element_texts('item'); ?> to display all meta data. I have to call them one by one with:

   <?php if ($death = metadata($item, array('Item Type Metadata', 'Death Date'))): ?>
  <h3>Death Date</h3>
  <?php echo $death; ?>
  <?php endif; ?>

It is not very efficient…

Is there a way to call all “Item Type Metadata” (not dublin core) except one ?

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You might want to try out the Hide Elements plugin.

It lets you use checkboxes to choose individual elements to be hidden from the public view (as well as some other places). The public side hiding only affects what all_element_texts outputs, so you could use the plugin hide all the elements you’ve otherwise manually shown and don’t want to duplicate, then just use all_element_texts.

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