Display a human readable label instead of coded values

If a coded value like “eng” is used in a field (dc:language for example), is it possible with some plugin to display a human readable label instead, in admin and public view of a record ?

M. Saby

A plugin can do that (there’s a filter for just changing what is displayed for a given field/value), but I’m not aware of a specific plugin that exists that will do it for you out-of-the-box. It would probably be something pretty tailored to the specific coded values actually used by a given installation.

I was thinking (but I won’t write it…) of some improvements to simple vocab plugin, so that the behavior should be customisable. In library word Koha software has this kind of feature for example for languages list or any kind of lists.

By the way I suppose Omeka S does not provide this feature either ?

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