Disappearing Still Images


A team member of mine has noticed that several images seem to have disappeared from the archive we’re building. This can be seen at the following page: http://art.masonpublishing.org/exhibits/show/exhibitions/2016.

As it stands, every hyperlink in this gallery should be represented by a still image, and yet several seem to have lost this item and defaulted to text links. We’ve looked for the images in our archive and cannot seem to find them. What happened?


Have you (or the site administrator) recently updated Omeka or any of the plugins, or moved the site’s location on the server?

No. There’s been little activity on the site for the past couple of weeks.

I would check with the system administrator and see if there might be something on the server side of things that would have caused the files to disappear.

Another quick check is whether the images have disappeared from both the public and admin sides. If both, chances are good that there’s been an issue on the server or database.