Disabling the Search Bar

We use our Omeka site as a constant running web-exhibit that is hooked to a touch screen monitor. We are having trouble with students abusing the search bar on the main page of the “Thanks, Roy” theme and was wondering is it possible to remove or hide the search bar.

The most direct at that is to look in the theme’s header.php file, in the common directory.

Look for these lines

                <div id="search-container" role="search">
                    <?php if (get_theme_option('use_advanced_search') === null || get_theme_option('use_advanced_search')): ?>
                    <?php echo search_form(array('show_advanced' => true)); ?>
                    <?php else: ?>
                    <?php echo search_form(); ?>
                    <?php endif; ?>

Delete those lines, and the search box should go away. Bear in mind that theme updates will restore those lines.

Is there a means to do this if we do not have access to the code. We pay Reclaim Hosting to host our site.

Any solution would require changing the code. But you should be able to get to the code from the File Manager on Reclaim.