Different views for collections with certain ids

i would like to have a different views for dirffernt collections:
For example i would like to have a different view for collection with id = 6, different for the collection with id = 8 and different for the other collection views. How to achieve this? Now I have only one view for all collections.
Could you help me?

I’m not sure what you exactly mean by view, but I do have a simple plugin available which allows you to select and configure a different theme for each collection:

I had to express myself badly, I wanted to display individual collections, which are children of the superior collection, I use the CollectionTree plugin. For example, I would like to display only those collections of which the collection is the collection A.
Colud You help me with this one too?

Unfortunately, I have no experience with the CollectionTree plugin. You may want to try posting again with the plugin name in the title to get a few more views. Otherwise, I wish you luck in finding an answer.

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