Different sort options for different item set browse pages?

We are customizing the Center Row theme to present two different item sets. One for composers and one for music scores. I’d like to provide different sort options for users for each item set since the metadata is different for each one:

Composers - sort by name
Scores - sort by title, composer or date

In the /view/omaka/site/item/browse.php I can change it to one or the other. I was wondering if there was some way to spit out one or the other based on something matching some item set value. For example, use the composer sort if the page is presenting the item set for composers. Can that be done within the browse.php file?

When the items browse page is being used as the “show” for an item set, there’s an $itemSet variable set to the view that you can use to get whatever metadata about the item set that you want. That’s what the page uses to show the item set metadata.