Determining which thumbnail represents an item set

Is there any way to set or change the thumbnail that is associated with an Item Set? Right now, it appears that it’s using the thumbnail of the item first added to Omeka, but in some cases that’s not the best thumbnail to use, and deleting and re-adding several items seems like a long workaround.

This is specifically coming up using the ‘Browse item sets’ function of navigation with no set query.

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Are you thinking that it’d be better to select a particular item to give the representative thumbnail, or a more general image, not necessarily associated with an item? (The former is probably more easy and likely).

I think either would work. I can see having an option to upload an image or designate an item as the featured item in the set being really helpful.

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Yes, this would be a great function to have.

Hi everyone has there been any update on this subject?

Omeka S 1.3.0 adds the ability for you to choose a custom thumbnail by uploading an image directly.