Destination not writeable - uploading images

Hi there - I have been using Omeka classic for about 3 weeks now. At the beginning, uploading images was a breeze; no issues whatsoever. But ever since I obtained access to my organization’s server, I am no longer able to upload images from my computer. I keep getting this error message:

Omeka has encountered an error


Destination directory is not writable: ‘/data/www/jewishst/omeka/files/original’.

I have tried reading other threads and it seems this has something to do with server permissions? But I could be wrong. Why would this happen once I had access to the server but not before? Even when I have my FileZilla closed and logged out, I still can’t upload images.

Any advice would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem just last week - it turned out that the /tmp folder on the server was full. I could not see it in my FTP client, so was unable to resolve the issue myself. The hosting company was able to empty the file, at which point I could resume normal uploading and editing functions. (We are making some changes so this won’t happen again.)
My error message was a bit different -
The given destination is not writeable

but I hope this will give you some clues toward solving your problem!

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