Destination directory is not writable


i want upload file, but the file will stored in other server.
i have added this sintax

but i got message :"Destination directory is not writable: ‘’."
than i set the access in server to 777 but the message same.

how i fix it?

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localDir has to be just that, a local path to the directory where your files should be stored. You can’t put a URL there. webDir is the one that’s supposed to be a URL, so something like ```http://example.commakes sense there, but not inlocalDir`.

If you want to have the files stored to a different server but still use the normal storage adapter, then you could try to do something like mount an NFS share or use SSHFS to create a local path that actually represents files on your other server. Setting up either of those isn’t really within the scope of Omeka support, though.

oke understood. now i want change directory to store the file dynamically. i have created an interface to upload file, there is a dropdown, so when i choose “A” for example in dropdown the file will stored to directory “A”, should i custom the sintax in controller/api/filesController.php?i have tried, but still confus. could you give me a reference please?thank you very much for your help