Customisable field for the name of an item

We created items for persons and other kind of ressources that don’t have a “title” in proper sense. But we had to add a dc:title to our model, in order to display the “name” of the ressource, in admin and public view.
It is a bad habit, and we would have prefer to use a skos:label for example (we also have this property of course).
Is someone working to make the field used for the name of the ressource more customisable ? As Omeka S is more flexible than Omeka Classic regarding the data model, the system should give the ability to admins to define any property as the “name” of the ressource.

We tackled this problem from a different direction, letting you pick within a site what property is used for the “title” and “description” areas… but of course that requires you to use something consistent within a site.

I’ve thought before about what you’re proposing, basically allowing resources to mark which property is their “title,” and it makes some sense. And quite possibly a good bit more sense than what we’ve actually done already.

Within our site we will have different kind of items (documents, authors, places…), so I don’t think your solution will satisfy us :confused:

No answer at hand, but a few questions, maybe to clarify.

It is all about setting a property from a vocabulary other than Dublin Core to be used for the “title” and “description” areas in item-set and item browse and display pages .

This choice could be made on different levels:
a) A site-wide setting would not be satisfying if a user intends to work with multiple vocabularies within one site.
b) A setting for each ressource seems to me pretty much work on the user side and against the idea of standardization.
c) So could it be possible to make this choice on the vocabulary level?

Why not at vocabulary level, but a user builds a template using different properties from different vocabularies, it can end up as a mess…
But each ressources needs to be linked to a ressource template. So the more logical for me would be to manage the “displayed name” at ressource template level.

M. Saby

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That’s what we’ve been thinking: that this would be a new setting for resource templates.

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I hoped for this feature to be part of the release of Omeka 1.4.0 It is crucial for the use of vocabularies other than Dublin Core. Is there any chance to make it a top priority?

We’re working on this feature, but we had other things we wanted to get released for 1.4.0 and this wasn’t ready.

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Still waiting for this problem to get solved. It is hard to explain to users that they have to input the same value twice in order to get a browse display other than “[Untitled]”.

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This feature (tied to the resource template) currently exists in the under-development branch of Omeka S but I don’t have a date to give you for when that will be released as a new version.

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