Custom Theme Dev w/o Gulp?

I have a couple general questions about custom theme development in Omeka S, but this one is the only relevant one at the moment. I read the current information on Key Concepts->Themes in the Developer Documentation and the entire concept of automatically compiling the CSS is new to me.

I installed Omeka S from the .zip file. Right now I’m trying to develop a custom theme based on the Default theme.

The developer documentation says not to make changes to the CSS file because it will be recompiled by Gulp. Since I do not have Gulp, having installed from the ZIP, does this apply to me?

The Gulp and Sass stuff is really about how Omeka’s development works. If you don’t want to use any CSS preprocessor, or you want to use a different one than we do, that’s fine. Omeka S itself only reads the resulting CSS files, it won’t overwrite anything. For your own theme you can create that CSS by whatever method you prefer, including just copying and editing the generated CSS from another theme.

That note pertains more to people aiming to make changes to the development code to submit them to us.

Excellent, thank you.

In that case, if I am creating my own custom module (not contributed), then I don’t even need the sass files? in /themes/theme-name/sass?

If you’re not going to use Sass, then you don’t need the sass files. They’re not used by Omeka directly in any way.


I know this topic was old so customizing omeka themes only done through css or saas
the documentation didnt give a clear instructions on the other folders and how changes on these files would affect the theme