Custom fields from resource template not showing on new item page

I’m working on a project that uses Omeka to record metadata about books. The project uses its own ontology that I imported using the latest release of the Custom Ontology module on GitHub. We are using Omeka-S 3.2.3.

I created a new resource template and added fields from the custom ontology, but when I select this template from the dropdown on a new item page, only some of the fields appear. Moreover, the Dublin Core fields Title and Description show up even though I removed those from the template.

When I first encountered this problem, I suspected it might be some kind of caching problem. Hard refreshing the item entry page does not resolve the problem. Here are screenshots of the resource template and the item entry pages:

Does anybody have a suggestion for how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Title and Description still showing is a known “feature” of the template system generally: even if you remove them from a template, those initial fields don’t get removed (we’re going to change this in a forthcoming version).

We’ve never seen this particular problem, I think, of the template properties only being partially there. You mentioned caching: just to rule that out, can you clear your browser’s cache completely and try again? The template data is actually retrieved by a separate web request, so “hard refreshing” the item page wouldn’t necessarily affect it if the problem is indeed caching. You could also try using a different browser and/or computer, if that’s easier.

I’ve cleared the cache and the fields now appear. Good to know about the Title and Description “feature.” Thank you!