Custom Commenting plugin views

Hi all,

I want to customize the public view of the Commenting plugin.
I know how to handle it with Simple Pages plugin and others.

So I tried to add a ‘commenting’ folder in my theme.
In this folder I tried to add ‘comments.php’ directly, it didn’t work.
Then I tried to do it : theme/commenting/views/public/comments.php. It didn’t work too…

I need your explanations.

Have you also tried the same technique for overriding comment.php (no s at the end)? That’s where most of the display gets put together.

comments.php and threaded-comments.php are mostly wrappers around the content from comment.php.

However, since Commenting doesn’t create its own pages the way Simple Pages does – it only tacks onto other existing pages – I’m not entirely sure if the same technique for overriding in a theme will work. I’ll look in to that.

It looks like a variation on the usual technique does the trick (thanks to consultation with @zerocrates!).

I put comment.php in the top level folder of the theme, e.g. default/comment.php, and changes came through okay. So, that seems like the place to put the files.

It works !
Thank you.