CSVImportPlus skips items and shortens names


I use the plugin CSV Import + and when I import csv files, some rows disappeared. I noticed that it often occurs when titles are similar, but not always. 11 rows over 15 disappeared during the import.

Moreover, when my title are too long, Omeka shortens them. It is annoying since I add many items that are ancient books with long titles.

For exemple, the book entitled in my csv file : 'Theses mathematicae de viribus machinarum, propugnabuntur à Barth. Anton. Francisco Ferret du Tymeur, Rhedonensi, die divo Bartholomaeo sacrâ 24. augusti an. Dom. M.DCC.IV. Horâ post meridiem secundâ. Arbiter erit Petrus Varignon, Regiae scientiarum academiae socius, philosophiae lector regius, & matheseos professor. In collegio Mazarinaeo’
became “Theses mathematicae de viribus machinarum, propugnabuntur”

Does anyone know how to solve these two trouble ?

Regarding the long titles, there’s nothing in Omeka itself that shortens them. Adding that title directly works just fine. Maybe something in either the CSV file or the plugin. It doesn’t look like there’s a comma causing problems, but from your example I wonder if the à character is causing a problem. Are you sure it’s something about the length, or is an alternate possibility something about ‘special’ characters?

Thanks for your prompt answer !

I’m pretty sure it is the length since I often added title (or other fields) with special caracters, like “é”. Moreover, it occurs only when my title are quite long.