CSVImport et php-cli

Hi everybody
I’m new in the nice world of omeka-s and I just start to play with it : very nice :slight_smile:
I have emailed Diego Ferrera from tematres and I probably make soon a contrib to connect omeka-s with tematres vocabularies via Value Suggest.

But now, my problem is to use CSVImport without access to php command line (php-cli).

I have the following log > https://framabin.org/?824b907b03735829#ewkgRsZHD/dp8TqUF0jMVj3wP1Fb6ZQMSAd9dTbh2z8=
And the message when using the module is Job is started but in fact nothing happened.

Is it dead anyway or maybe can I found a solution ? an other module ? an other configuration ?

Thx for helping

My first guess is that Omeka S can’t automatically figure out the correct path to the PHP CLI. Your sysadmin or hosting company might be able to give you the correct path. Then, you can put that in your config/local.config.php file in this line:

    'cli' => [
        'phpcli_path' => null,

I look at the phpinfo https://ouvaton.coop/outils/ but I don’t find anything… I ask to my sysadmin.
thx @patrickmj

My sysadmin tell me I can’t have access to php-cli :’(
What can I imagine to import data ?

I think it’s a normal thing on shared web hosting service.
Is it possible or difficult to hack the module in order to import without having php-cli available ? (I understand the limitations but it’s better than nothing : using small datasets…)


Did you change the thumbnailer? Because, it uses the cli by default.

Anyway, you can import in real time, but the process will be limited to the time of a page load (generally 30 seconds), so only a short set of metadata. If there is no file, it’s not a problem, since the longer in an import is the creation of the thumbnails. Just add this to your config/local.config.php:

    'service_manager' => [
        'aliases' => [
            'Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy' => 'Omeka\Job\DispatchStrategy\Synchronous',

Yes many thanks, that’s what I’m looking for.
This info has to be given on the page’s module !
@Daniel_KM and yes I have already changed the thumbnailer for the GD library.
I will make some tests with my upload_max file and time size…

@Daniel_KM J’ai vu les offres sur Sempiternelia, je risque de venir faire des tests sur tes serveurs ;o)