CSV Import : what path to local files?


Great everything fine!
I entered the full path in the csv and the problem is now solved.


Hi Daniel, I guess I don’t understand the path system. I am still getting a "Local paths are not allowed by the administrator"error despite trying as many different combinations I could think of. Could you give more examples of local full and relative paths both for files located on a local machine. Maybe I can work backward and figure what concept I am missing. My other security.ini settings are:
local_folders.allow = true
local_folders.check_realpath = false

Thank you for any assistance!


Reset the file, check its rights and set it (with your base path, that should be accessible by Apache):

local_folders.allow = true
local_folders.check_realpath = false
local_folders.base_path = '/var/www/import'

The path must be absolute in security.ini, but it can be absolute or relative in the csv file itself.