CSV import to update records?

I’ve got to make some batch changes to data in multiple collections in our installation of Omeka. The best way to do this seems to be exporting data on a collection-by-collection basis as CSV, making the changes in Excel, saving as CSV and then importing the updated data.

My questions:

  1. Will following this course work to update extant records? Will it do so in a way that the digital objects associated with records will remain associated?


Depending on the types of changes you need to make, you could just use Omeka’s built in batch editing functionality.

If you want to use CSV to do updates, you’d need to look at something like Daniel-KM’s CSV Import Plus. The “vanilla” importer only creates new items, it can’t update old ones.

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There is the plugin Bulk Metadata Editor that may be useful too: it can make simple updates, but complex regex on selected items too.

I created a CSV Export plugin which can be used with Daniel-KM’s CSV Import Plus to batch edit Omeka records, preserving the original record ids and associated digital object files.

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