CSV Import plugin status stopped

Omeka 2.7.1
PHP 7.3.16 (apache2handler)
MySQL Server 5.5.64

When trying to import using CSV Import, the plugin displays a message:

Notice: Undefined property: DOMDocumentType::$entities in /var/www/html/application/libraries/Zend/Xml/Security.php on line 110

Notice: Trying to get property ‘length’ of non-object in /var/www/html/application/libraries/Zend/Xml/Security.php on line 110

Can you help me?

Is that all you see? Those notices are interesting but I don’t see a “fatal” error or anything like that.

Is the CSV status actually “stopped” or “error” or something else?

There is only one entry in the csv file. That’s what I see:


I’m not sure why you’re getting those XML-related errors… it’s possibly some issue with the PHP install (or the XML extensions to PHP, specifically) on your server.

Regardless, those are just notices. The actual status here shows that the import was completed, had only 1 row, and that was skipped. If you have logging enabled, the CSV Import plugin will log when and why it skips an item. Things like incorrect or invalid URLs for files are a common cause.

The problem was in the link. For some reason, the active file link from Wikipedia does not work in the CSV file. Thanks for the help.

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