CSV Import Plugin not Appearing

I recently switched from using Omeka.net to trying to use Omeka through my own server reclaim hosting. I added Omeka as an application and was able to set up my site, but the CSV import plugin does not appear as an option.
Do you I need to be using the Omeka.org application in addition? Or is there some other reason that the plugin doesn’t appear?

Thank you

When you use Omeka Classic with your own hosting, the software only ships with three plugins (Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, and COiNS), unlike with Omeka-net where your plan includes the installation of a full range of plugins. You’ll need to install the others you want on your server. The same is true if you wish to add additional themes.

You can download the plugins from the Omeka Plugins directory: http://omeka.org/classic/plugins/

Then, you can follow the directions available at Reclaim on how to install them: https://community.reclaimhosting.com/t/uploading-plugins-to-omeka/195

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