CSV-Import not working


I have just installed Omeka S 2.0.2 and the CSV Import Module 2.1.0. When I try to import a csv file the import module recognizes the columns and suggests mapping options - so it can read the file - but when I do the import, just nothing happens: no past imports record, no error message, no success message.

I was trying with a minimal file (2 colums, 1 line) as well as with a file I used successfully in another installation (Omeka S 1.4.0, CSV Import Module 2.2.0) with very similar settings and workflow.

Do you have any idea, what went wrong?

Best Michael

What are the initial import settings you’re using, and is the advanced settings for the import set to “create new resource”?

Can you share the file you’re trying to import?

You might also check to make see if you need to set your php-cli path in local.config.php so you can run background processes.

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Thank you Sharon, the problem was indeed the php-cli. The managed server the installation ran on had an insufficient php version installed. I moved to another server, now CSV Import is working fine.


Glad that it’s resolved.

I got the same problem and solved it by changing the php-cli path, but I still have the old jobs displaying the “starting” status : is it a problem or should I just leave them as they are ? (I don’t see how to get rid of these!)

The old “starting” records in the Jobs page don’t hurt anything, it’s fine to leave them.

Thank you for your answer !