CSV Import - including ALT tag

Hi all,

I’m getting an issue when I load in a CSV Import that all the images work fine, but its also copying in the “ALT” tag which is displaying on mouseover, but its displaying to the old URL of the image.

Can this be stopped or hidden from the public?


The alt tag will include whatever Omeka can come up with as the “Title” of the file. If you set a Dublin Core Title on the File (not the Item, but the File) then we’ll use that.

If there’s nothing else suitable, we’ll use the “original filename,” which from CSV Import means the URL where the file was downloaded from.

Ah I see, is there a way to possible blank all the old ALT tags so they at least don’t show the old URL?

The file links are down as of today, so sadly it seems another CSVImport won’t work now.