CSV IMPORT : how prevent the parsing of delimiter?

new informations and questions : i found that the problem for interpreting my html code is based on the fact that during the parsing CSV by the CSV import you need to chose the good delimiter. So i didn’t choose “double quote” or “point virgule” for having the intrepretation of the color of the text.
But i have to choose “virgule” and “apostrophe” as delimiter, and here i have the problem with the ponctuation of my text which is considered as a delimiter : cf l’arbre for exemple
so i have tried to put an “anti slash” before the apotrosphe but this element doesn’t permit to pass the parsing;
May you have an idea : which element may i use before the problematic ponctuation (, ; ") to prevent the parsing of these ponctuations as a delimiter ?
thank you in advance

Try Csv Import + and change the delimiter to “tabulation” (normally never used anywhere) and remove the enclosure.

but it is notified that (in CSV import) the delimiter : A single character that will be used to separate metadata elements
within a cell (’ by default). If the delimiter is empty, then the whole
text will be used as the element text. Note that spaces, tabs, and other
whitespace are not accepted.
so i can’t use tabulation ?
there isn’t escape caracter in the code of parsing ?

One of the feature of CSV Import +, a fork of Csv Import, is to let you choose any delimiter, even a custom one or a tabulation (you have to save your spreadsheet as csv with the selected delimiter). So the issues with the “'” disappear.

ok ! thank you for your answer
best regards