CSV Import - from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Github

Since files for a csv import have to be available on a public site and I don’t have a server to house files, I am trying to use URLs from either GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or Github. Unfortunately, when I include the urls for any of these (tried all three independently), all items are skipped. If I remove the file references, the metadata alone uploads fine. Is there a problem using these sites to house files that I’d like to upload via the csv import plugin?

Generally, all you need is an accessible link directly to the file.

Usually the problem you’re going to run into with these free services is the link they’ll generate is actually to a landing page or something like that. If it’s not right to the file, it won’t work with CSV Import. You’d have to check in to each service to see what kinds of links you can get out of them. I’d imagine the “raw” link from Github would be fine, though.

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