CSS Editor 1.0.1 doesn't accept body, header and other tags

I’m trying to use CSS Editor to customize the aspect of Thanks, Roy template but I’ve some problem when I try to set styles for some kind of html tags like body and header: if I do it, the plugin clear the text just after I click on save.
I’ve also tried to deselect “HTML filtering” in Settings->Security but nothing changes.
Can someone help me to undertand?
Many thanks!

Hi Simone,

If you’re working on an Omeka standalone installation, you’re better off editing the files directly.
If you’re using Omeka.net, we ask that you contact Omeka.net directly as there are slight differences. In this case, I believe that header, at least, is one of the disallowed elements.

Thanks for your prompt reply!
I’m using an Omeka standalone installation so I can simply edit the css files directly as you suggest, but I’d prefer to use this plugin as I suppose should be the best way to customize styles without the risk to loose this customization everytime I upgrade Omeka. Do yiu know what I mean?

I do. Have you been downloading the files from the site or cloning via GitHub? If you’ve been downloading, you might think about getting the hang of GitHub (it may take a while but it’s worth it). If nothing else, keeping an eye on the repository for Thanks, Roy will give you an idea of what’s updated and whether it will affect your code changes

I’m used to download the files from the site, but I understand the advantage of set up the clone via GitHub! Thanks for the suggestion that seems to be the besta way to protect any customization.