Covid -19 datasets

I work with a new collection about covid-19 in Patagonia Argentina.
and I would like produce a dataset .
Is possible in omeka-s

Hi Gus,
I do this regularly with my site by writing a little python script that queries the API for all the items in a set. The materials come out as json, and then I convert them to CSV.

Since my site has lots of items, I have to temporarily set the items per browse page number in the installation settings up quite high to get all of the data out in one query because the API will only give you a single page of results.

Hope that helps.

Thanks very much for your answer.
is possible access to script? Sharon

Sure. It’s very simple.

import requests
r = requests.get("")

# fill in your site url and append your search query to the api
# set the name of your output file

with open('filename.json','w') as fd:

another question
Is possible integrate Omeka S with Ckan ?

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