Corrections plug-in - comment not saving / sending

Hi, we’re trying to use the corrections plug-in, and it works great for individual elements. However, the last field on the public form, the textarea that invites users to add additional comments or suggestions, does not seem to work and I can’t figure out why from a quick glance. It’s in the correct div tags and we have not modified anything… but when I look at the table on the back end it appears that the ‘comment’ field in the table is just empty, like it never posts at all. Anything else I should be checking?

What versions of Omeka and the plugin are you using?

Omeka 2.5.1 and Corrections version 1.0… but I didn’t see a newer version anywhere online for that. I’m holding off on the upgrade to 2.6 unless it’s absolutely crucial.

Never mind. It was an easy fix that I didn’t notice the first time around (the textarea was missing the name attribute, duh). Sorry to waste your time!

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