Copying neatline records from one exhibit to another

I have several Neatline exhibits. I also have a large and growing set of Omeka items that are relevant to each of the exhibits. Once I’ve got them properly linked and represented in one exhibit, I would like to replicate all those records into the other exhibits as well (i.e. bringing over the Neatline-specific information from the original exhibit into the others). Over time I’d like to be able to “resync” as things change.

The newly added “duplicate exhibit” function does offer one possible approach, but very inelegant and error-prone.

I assume there is not any method to batch copy records from one Neatline exhibit to another via the UI that I have missed?

Does anyone have any experience with doing something like this manually (or other relevant knowledge)? I’m guessing this would be a matter of running some SQL scripts–if so, any tips or templates for writing them?


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