Controlled vocabularies (Custom Vocab, ValueSuggest) for Collecting module


Hi all,

I’m currently exploring possibilities for user contributions to an Omeka S site using the Collecting module. My question is whether the Collecting module is supported by the controlled vocabulary modules Custom Vocab and ValueSuggest, i.e. can I use Custom Vocab and ValueSuggest to control a contributors inputs on a Collecting form?

I know that I can create a “Select menu” when creating a form in the Collecting module, but can I set a particular item property such as Dublin Core’s “subject” and have the user prompted to use either a term from LCSH or from my own supplied Custom Vocab list?

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The Collecting module does not integrate with the CustomVocab or ValueSuggest modules. You could duplicate your custom vocabulary in a prompt’s select menu options, but there’s currently no way to implement an autosuggest feature in Collecting.


Thanks, Jim, for your helpful reply.