Contribution plugin

Let’s say I have an Omeka site with multiple exhibits. I only want to use the Contribution plugin with one of the exhibits. I’ve used iframe to embed the contribution page into an exhibit, yet it is not the most satisfying result. Is there a better way to only use Contribution for one exhibit on a multiple exhibit site?

Contribution doesn’t really know anything about exhibits – it’s just there to let people add items, and any connection to exhibits would have to be made by an administrator (unless you are using a fork of Contribution that ties them together that I don’t know about)

It sounds like your approach of only making the contribution form visible when viewing particular exhibits is the right basic approach. If the iframe doesn’t work for you, just a simple link to the usual contribution page might be better? A more complex approach would be to modify the plugin so the link in navigation only appears when looking at certain exhibits. I think that’s possible, but haven’t thought through the details yet.

Thanks–the iframe is kind of working. It’s not exactly what we are looking for. We would really like to add a survey or a form where people could answer questions. Thanks for this though, it is helpful!