Contribution plugin and file size

Some of my users are getting an error when they try and contribute an image, that the image file is too large. Myself, I have never encountered that, and there doesn’t seem to be any option with the plugin to limit file size. Omeka 2.3.1, Contribution 3.0.3

I have also discovered that I cannot edit
Contribution | Types | Edit “Image”
and change, for example, the description that goes with, for example, the title prompt.

The file size limit is a setting on the server, not within Omeka, so you’ll have to address that with your hosting company or server admin. It’s the same limit as when uploading files the usually way on the admin side, so you’ll see what the limit is when you add a file to an item.

The descriptions come from the elements that the contribution type uses – the same ones that you’ll see when editing an item. Dublin Core element descriptions can’t be edited, but the workaround is to use Item Type Metadata, so you could create a new element as part of the element set.

That said, I’m not able to edit those element descriptions, which I’m not sure is the desired behavior, so I’ll look in to that.

Thanks. Will check with my server admin.
Wondering if you could tell me which file in the contribution plugin set that I could edit to add some instructions. For example, I’d like to add something, maybe under the Contribute an Image header, explaining, for example, what not to contribute, etc.

There’s two files to look in, depending on exactly where you want to instructions (and whether it depends on the contribution type).

Both are in the views/public/contribution folder. The two files of interest are contribute.php and type-form.php For something specific to “Contribute an Image”, that sounds like something in type-form.php, with some fancy footwork to check the type and display your guidance based on that choice. You might need to dig around in the $type variable there to put together the conditionals.