Contribution and Display Name

Hi, so we have a archiving project set up using the Contribution plugin; everything’s working great, except for the “Display Name” - in some cases, it seems users are assigned the Display Name they’ve likely entered in the “Your Name” field when contributing an item, but in other cases it seems to be generated from the email address they provided for their account. An example of both cases in our “Users” list
Anyone know why this would be happening? It ends up creating ugly, incorrectly-formatted citations. For example, this one in which the contributor has clearly entered his name (Benjamin Klunk) correctly, but in the citation his name appears as bklunk00,

I finally got back to looking into this a little… I notice that the citation appears correct now on your example item. Did you figure out the issue? Contribution’s modes that automatically create users will generally make user names based off the input email address, as you’re showing there.

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Thanks for the reply. The only way were able to remedy this was by going in and manually changing each record. Is there a way to edit the code for Contribution to make it work auto-magically? :slight_smile:

Can you share what settings you’re using for Contribution? I believe the mode(s) that don’t allow for “automatic” user creation would be the pathway here… so users would register for accounts and provide their names at that point. I assume that’s what accounts for your different experiences with some users: some of them registered using the Guest User interface first, and some just filled out the contribution form.

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