Contribute Module - forms not loading on site

**EDIT: I tried changing the Site Theme (from Papers to Cozy) and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Hello Omeka S peeps,

I’m learning my way around Omeka S and am having trouble getting the Contribute forms to load properly on the site.

I have set up three different types of resources for people to contribute and configured the Contribute page on the site to offer the dropdown menu for users to select which they would like to contribute.

However, once you select one of the three options (manuscript, volume, curated collection), the form doesn’t load on the page. If I configure the page to only display one of the contribute forms (ie. just manuscript), that does display correctly.

Not sure where I’m going wrong! Thank you.

Papers is designed specifically to work with the Scripto transcription module, so might not include the styles related to the contribution forms. We can certainly put and update to that effect in the que.

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This seems to be a bug in the Papers theme. Thank you for reporting it! I’ll let you know once I find a solution.

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I’ve put out a new release of Papers with the fix. You can find v1.3.2 on here.

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Wonderful - thank you so much!

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