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I have just discovered Omeka and I am pretty impressed by this piece of software and am now testing it. My intention is to build a digital repository available in two languages. However, I am not sure how to deal with the following issues, for which I was searching the forum and documentation, but I believe without a luck or I am still not able to figure it out:

  1. How to translate navigation items?
  2. How to translate simple pages, so that, e.g., About page is available in two languages?
  3. How to translate collection title? By just duplicating “title” input?

I would be grateful for a valid workflow on that.


Multilanguage sites remain a tricky thing in Omeka, with many desired outcomes somewhat competing. The core text for things on the admin side have fairly good translation coverage, but depend on configuring the single language to use. Thus, truly multilingual sites are difficult. The most common solution I’ve seen is to have parallel sites, one for each language. There isn’t really a good way to automatically translate content created by the site builder (things like metadata and other content in different languages like the three things you mention).

I’ve got an experimental Multilanguage plugin that tries to get closer to that, but it has had limited success.

Hi @patrickmj,

hmm, it seems reasonable to develop only English-language site now then. I use also approach where I provide both languages on the same page, but this works best for very short contents. I like the workflow of WPML plugin for WordPress, where every custom content may be provided in other language, if various languages are defined globally. There additionally exist other “layers” of translations like .mo files with core translations for plugins and themes. Such “layers” exist within Omeka too (custom and core content), and I imagine every of it requires different approach. For me, metadata are not a problem – I may provide every language version of particular metadata by multiplying inputs, and for me it’s ok too to display metadata in all languages on each language version of Omeka repository. But I think all the site content except collection items, so including the content I provide on a Settings page, collection titles (maybe it’s worth introducing something like DSpace’s communities above collections? Communities would require different metadata set and could use other translation approach?), simple pages content, navigation, would need to be translatable. Ok, these are just my remarks, I’ll try do adjust to what Omeka provides for now as it looks attractive for me anyway. And maybe extend it further when the right components are there.

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