Content Block disappeared in Exhibit Builder 3.2

We recently updated Omeka and the Exhibit Builder plugin, but somehow the File content block option appeared, and then disappeared as an option at some point during the entire setup.

Which versions of Omeka and Exhibit Builder did you upgrade from and to?

Same exact problem except my version of the plugin is 3.4.1.
I’ve tried diffrent web browsers (google chrome and mozilla) but nothing changed. Do you have any clue to what is happening?
Here’s the page I see when creating a new page to my exhibit : here

@BibliLipo: it looks from your screenshot like you’re using, so you should ask your question directly there using the contact form.

@BibliLipo : I’ve just had the same problem as yours.
To solve it, disable adblock on your browser as it adds a “display:none!important” css rule for the class “add-block” used by the plugin…
Hope it helps…