Connecting FTP to school's Omeka Server


I am currently working on a semester project that has required me to use Omeka, however, I am having a hard time properly connecting my FTP to my school’s Omeka server so I can add the Omeka installation folder and eventually add plugins. I am able to connect and login, but the folders that would normally be visible such as the index are not appearing and I am not able to add new files. I was wondering if there is a solution to this or if it’s even possible; also, does it have anything to do with me having a windows?

-Patrick M.

Hello there,

Have you checked with your school’s sysadmin to make sure that your ftp account has the necessary permissions to write as well as read?


I didn’t think I needed permission from the schools sysadmin since I am a super user. Would I also need the administrator email and password in order to connect?

Your user level on an Omeka installation is not the same as your permissions for the server’s folders.

Are you making a brand new installation or working on one that’s already been set up?

The omeka site was already setup and I was just given the link and super user status. I have been trying to download plugins for it and had no luck which was how I was lead to connecting to the FTP server to do it. I had no I idea I needed admin permissions.

Yes - you can add, edit, delete items on the Omeka site, but because adding plugins requires FTP access you’ll need to talk to your school’s sysadmin about either adding the plugins you need or setting you up with an account so you can do it yourself.

Good luck!