Connected Carousel – What is the IDs Parameter?

Hello, could someone explain to me either what the ID numbers mean or how to find them? I don’t see ids on any of the Omeka-generated metadata so I assume it’s a parameter I need to define. I have read the documentation but I’m still lost on this point. I’ve also tried to run it with the default id numbers but that didn’t work.

Thanks in advance.

To clarify, the connected carousel works for exhibits on my site but I haven’t yet figured out how use it on the simple pages.

This refers to the ids of the items with the images that you want to display. In the Admin interface, if you select an item, you will see a number for that item in the top bar on the page. That is the item id. if you want a single item, the parameter would be “ids=101”, for two items “ids=101,103”, for a range of items “ids=101-105”. You can also mix these, “ids=101, 105-110, 120”. If you do a range, any item in the range without images is not included, you don’t get an error message.