Collections not displaying

I have set up three different collections, each with numerous items.

Even if not logged in, I can view all the items and the site has full functionality on my computer. The problem is that this is being set up for a library and none of the other computers on site will display the collections properly. When I click on any of the collection titles I receive a message saying that the collection is empty, which is not the case.

Upon reviewing the admin side, all collections and items are checked as Public so I am not sure what the problem could be. Am I missing something? Any advice will be appreciated.

Can you provide a link to the site?

Here’s the link:

I also noticed that I can only see the items when logged in despite the public settings being turned on.

You’re sure the items are set as public? As it currently stands, none of the items are displaying as public for me (in multiple browsers)

Yes they are public. Here is a screenshot.

When you to go /admin/items are your items listed as public?

Thanks! That did the trick.