Collecting Module not working

Hello, I’ve had a rocky install (see my post in the Installing category). I’m mostly trying to test out the new Collecting module for a new project in which it will be essential. I’ve transferred the files into the Modules folder, but when I click on Modules in the admin interface this message appears beside Collecting: “Error: invalid Module.php file.” Any ideas?

“Invalid Module.php file” means Omeka couldn’t see or couldn’t open the Module.php file from the plugin.

If the folder/file structure looks fine (i.e., there’s a Module.php file directly in the Collecting folder), then I’d guess that you have some permissions problem with the folders or files that’s making them unreadable (maybe no read permission for the “world”?).

Thanks for your help! The folder structure looks okay and there’s definitely a Module.php file in there. The permissions on “Collecting-master” are current set rwxrwxr-x. Should that work?

The permissions look okay but the problem is probably just the name of the folder. It should be “Collecting” not “Collecting-master”.

If you use the download called “” from the 1.0.0-beta release page, it has the correct folder name. The “-master” addition is used by Github if you tell it to download a zip of the source, and we can’t control the folder name it uses there.

Well that’s embarrassing…changing the name allowed me to install it. I’ll report if there are any other errors (or silly oversights on my part)…thanks!