Clicking "Add Input" button saves item record in v2.4.1

After upgrading to 2.4.1, when I edit or add a new item and click on the “Add Input” button, it immediately saves the item record and displays the “(Item) was successfully changed!” message. This behavior occurs on all fields on the Dublin Core page.
On the other hand, adding another input field on the Item Type Metadata page works perfectly well!

This sounds like an interesting javascript problem. If you have more than one browser, could you check whether it behaves the same way across browsers, or if it is only an issue in some browsers? Info about browser versions will probably help, too.

The problem occurs consistently on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines, in current versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE/Edge browsers, so I am confident that we can rule out those possibilities.

Yesterday, I downloaded a fresh copy of the 2.4.1 install files and ‘upgraded’ once more, just in case there was a file corruption or FTP dropped connection problem with the first upgrade.

And now I have found another problem; when adding a new item, whether I click the ‘Add Item’ button or click the ‘Add Input’ button before saving, I get the following error:

Mysqli statement execute error : Column ‘time’ cannot be null
’Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception’ with message ‘Mysqli statement execute
error : Column ‘time’ cannot be null’ in

The Stack Trace follows, but I have not included it here.

I have no idea whether or not these issues are related. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide for diagnostics!

Just a bit of additional information here… I created another site (sibling subdomain to the first one) with my recently-downloaded 2.4.1 files, and at the first test, it seems to be working perfectly.

We had that problem and found that once we refreshed the page it went away. It was after an upgrade of Omeka, using Firefox.

Solved… I think. Refreshing the page didn’t help in my case, but I deactivated all the plugins and then reactivated one by one. I have not seen the original problem again (saving the item record instead of adding another input field).

I did find that activating the VideoStream plugin brought back the Zend error message, so I uninstalled it.

So far, so good!

I fixed the plugin VideoStream (see or

Thank you! I hadn’t gotten around to alerting you to the problem yet, so I’m glad you were proactive!

Well, the solution didn’t stick, and the original issue resurfaced. I tried deactivating the plugins one at a time to see if there was a conflict (there wasn’t), then reactivated them again. I gave it some time (over the long weekend), then tried it all again today. I still got the ‘successfully changed’ message after attempting to add another input field.

I ‘downgraded’ to version 2.4, and it is working properly again! Now we’ll see if it crops up again…