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I have created an exhibit with different pages. On some pages I get this"Click here for item information" under the object’s picture which takes me to the metadata of the object. On some other pages, I do not get the “Click here for item information” link for most of the objects on the pages. Why is that happening? can anyone help?

What are the blocks you’re using for these different pages? Do the ones that say “click here” have a different block type than the ones which do not?

(Also, what versions of Omeka Classic and Exhibit Builder are you using?)

In the same block some pictures have a “click here” and others don’t in the same block.

I am using Version 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2 of Omeka or Exhibit Builder?

If you look at the admin side of the exhibit, what are the blocks called? It should look something like this:

Version 2.1.2 of Omeka

It looks like you’re running a version of Exhibit Builder 2 (you can find the exact version under the title of the plugin on the Plugins tab).

What layout are you using on the pages which have the inconsistent link? Image-list-right? Is there any difference between the items attached which display differently? (It’s hard for me to tell as your second picture doesn’t appear to be of the back-end of the same items from the first photo).

Exhibit Builder
Version 2.1.1

The Page Layout is image-list-right

thank you Mebrett for your willingness to help. I guess I identified the source of the problem. It was in the format of the images. I had some png items. I converted all to jpg and it worked.

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