Class of linked resources on item page not translated

I use quite a lot linked resources, which I feel is a great way to connect items.

I’m on Omeka S 3.0.1, in a non-English language instance (but had the same issue on Omeka 2).

On the item page, linked resources appear as a table after all metadata.

All’s good, but unfortunately while “Alternative label” is correctly translated, the class of the object is not.

See below screenshot with relevant part of the table. As you see, class still appears as e.g. “Physical Object”, instead of the translated, “Oggetto fisico”.

In my specific use case, “alternative label” is not really informative and I’ll probably end up hiding it via css, but class would be useful. Having it in English is confusing for non-English speakers.

I’ve tried to check out where this is generated, and omeka-s/application/src/Api/Representation/AbstractResourceEntityRepresentation.php (and ResourceClassRepresentation.php in the same folder) is as close as I got, but I could not figure out if there’s a way to have it translated.

Any suggestion?

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I’ve fixed it here. The changes should be available in the next release. In the meantime, feel free to modify the code yourself. See the fix in the link above.

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Thanks a lot for taking care of this!

Hello @jimsafley

I have a pending pull request that includes also translation for alternate labels, including on admin side, if it is of any interest.

Have a nice day


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